Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft integrates artificial intelligence for PowerPoint to help you automatically design more beautiful presentations

1 min read

Microsoft has added artificial intelligence (AI) to PowerPoint many years ago, and users only need to enter text to automatically get the best presentations. Microsoft said that in the past few years, designers have added 1 billion pictures to users, and now Microsoft is ready to continue to provide a better experience for such features. This includes the integration of artificial intelligence technology to intelligently analyze user input, and at the same time, some brands add proprietary materials to facilitate internal employees.

This update by Microsoft adds a theme creative feature to the user. This feature is part of the designer and is automatically analyzed when the user enters the content. Then, according to the style of the user’s existing document page, a better picture is automatically adapted. These pictures have been copyrighted so that the user can use it commercially. Even the theme creative feature automatically adjusts the color of the theme style and easily creates a visually striking presentation with a palette. Currently, the above functions have been launched on the PowerPoint for Windows/Mac/Web platform, which supports Office 365 subscribers.