Google Maps adds “Immersive View” mode that uses AI to generate realistic 3D scenes

Google announced at Google I/O 2022 that it will add a feature called “Immersive View” to Google Maps. Google emphasized that the map content on Google Maps can be presented in a realistic 3D form through artificial intelligence, and even city scenes of different times and climates can be presented.

Currently, this feature will be available in 5 cities including Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Google also advertises that it can use this function to “reproduce” the state of these cities at different times and climates through a large amount of data, which can be used as a reference for travel planning.
In addition, through the application of ARCore technology, Google will also allow users to have a glimpse of specific hotels in specific cities or the internal layout of tourist attractions through Google Maps. “Immersive View” will also be available in more cities in the future, but the specific timetable cannot be confirmed at this stage.

As for the previous launch that allows users to directly estimate the amount of carbon dioxide that may be generated during the navigation itinerary on Google Maps, so as to determine whether to travel to the destination in a more environmentally friendly way, this time, it also announced that it will add the estimation of the emissions generated by different flights, and even bring the function of estimating the carbon dioxide generated in the navigation to Europe so that more people can travel in a more environmentally friendly way.