Google announced new database service, Alloy DB

In this Google I/O 2022, Google announced the launch of a new database service, Alloy DB, which will be open to the public for preview testing.

According to Google, the Alloy DB database is built for modern application services. In addition to being compatible with the open-source object-relational database management system PostgreSQL, it has greater flexibility in use, and also corresponds to higher operational performance. Alloy DB database will be 2x faster than similar services in AWS, and 4x faster in Transactional Workloads than the standard PostgreSQL environment, and compliant with 99.99% service-level agreement.

In the use feature section, it provides database backup, expansion, and replication functions, and can also automatically repair database content, and through PostgreSQL’s vacuum management, storage, and memory management, data tiering, accelerated analysis, and other functions, to simplify the workload of database administrators (Database Administrator, DBA) and developers.

In addition, the Alloy DB database can correspond to the highest level of relational database workloads and is portable and compatible with open ecosystems. With the technology of Google Cloud, this database service will be more effective.

At present, the third-party payment service PayPal, the financial service startup PLAID, the Japanese second-hand goods trading platform Mercari, and the Japanese smart medical startup Ubie have all tested the Alloy DB database in advance.