Google uses artificial intelligence to make Google Meet video better

In view of the common mixed office model in the post-pandemic era, Google announced an update to its Workspace service at Google I/O 2022. Among them, the artificial intelligence method is used to provide the content summary function. At the same time, the artificial intelligence method can make the face captured by the camera better during the video conference, and even adjust the radio effect.

In this update for the Workspace service, the content summary function is mainly added to the Google Docs function. It allows users to quickly read the materials prepared before the afternoon meeting, or quickly understand the matters to be discussed at the meeting, through a short lunchtime.

Google also revealed that this function will be extended to more services in the future, such as assisting in writing abstracts for more services, converting conference videos into text for abstracts, etc. This helps reduce the time that users would otherwise spend reading and comprehending the content, which in turn saves even more time. However, this feature is currently only available in the English version of the Workspace service, and other language versions are not yet supported.

The other update section includes updates for the Google Meet online meeting system which includes using artificial intelligence to increase the brightness of the face captured by the video camera, highlight specific areas, and also to reduce the background noise during the meeting.