Google Chrome Canary tests the command action in the address bar

Previously, Google Chrome learned the Vivaldi browser address bar commands, but at that time Google supported very limited commands, mainly browser setting options.

Google Chrome is now expanding the range of support for shortcut commands in the address bar, allowing users to quickly load certain operations without entering words in the address bar.

The support of this kind of shortcut command is entirely dependent on Google not supporting customization, and the new quick commands currently supported seem to be Google’s own software and services.

For example, you can open the online version of Google Docs through New Google Docs, as well as new Google meetings, new Google forms, innovative new tabs, or new windows.

Direct command operation in the address bar was pioneered by Vivaldi, which aims to allow users to enter commands in the address bar for quick operations.

For example, entering the keyword New Tab in the address bar can directly load the new tab page. Of course, the user does not need to enter a complete command to match.

Google Chrome seems to think that this feature is not bad, so in the previous update, Google Chrome’s multiple setting options have been transformed to support the quick opening of commands.

Now Google is expanding these commands to support more functions. In the Canary version, Google tries user shortcut commands to open some of Google’s own services.

Currently, the test supports include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meetings, Google Slides, etc. Of course, Google may continue to expand this feature in the future.

When the user enters these keywords, it will no longer jump through the search engine, but directly open the page of the corresponding service so that the user can rely on the keyboard to operate without the mouse.

If you are interested, you can enable this feature in the experimental options of Google Chrome via chrome://flags/#commander flag. To use this feature, you hold Ctrl and press Space.

All the shortcut commands currently supported by Google Chrome can be viewed here.

Via: techdows