Microsoft will open a new Azure China data center located in Hebei Province

According to Microsoft’s official blog, the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform will open a data center in mainland China, which is located in Hebei Province. Microsoft only stated that the data center will serve as the new China North 3 region.

There are currently two data centers in North China, and Microsoft also has two data centers in East China, plus five new data centers.

North China Region 3 is also Microsoft’s 61st data center worldwide. Microsoft said that it will build and open more data centers to meet customer needs in the future.

Microsoft Azure Sphere

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft cloud computing is run by 21Vianet in the Chinese mainland market, and the services provided mainly include Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

The company stated that the construction and opening of the new China North 3 region is mainly to meet the growing customer demand. With the increase of customers, the pressure on the existing data center is also increasing.

After the opening of the new data center, enterprises can host their business in the three regions of North China, enjoy the excellent services provided by Microsoft and provide convenient access to end customers.

At present, from the official website of 21Vianet, cloud computing services in the three regions of North China have been launched, and many services are currently waiting to be launched and are temporarily unavailable.