Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Google Chrome adds “send webpages link” option in the context menu

1 min read

Microsoft’s “Continue on PC” feature allows you to send web pages from your Android smartphone to your Windows PC. The only downside to this feature is that it can’t send webpages on your PC to your smartphone or another device. Now Google is doing what Microsoft should have done a long time ago. Google is now adding the “Send to your device” option to the Chrome browser’s context menu.

Sending a web page from a PC to another device now requires you to right-click on the web page and hover over the “send to your device” option. This way, you’ll see all the devices associated with your Google Account, and you’ll be able to choose which device you’d like to send the page to. The users believe that this feature is faster than Microsoft’s “continue on PC.”

If you want to send the page to a smartphone, you will choose a smartphone, its name appears on the menu. After that, your phone will be notified and clicking on it will open the web page on your smartphone. Please note that even if the default browser on your smartphone is set to Microsoft Edge, the webpage will only open on the Chrome browser.