Google Chrome supports to login into some service using fingerprint authentication on Android 7.0 and above

Earlier, Google has announced a partnership with the FIDO Alliance and support fingerprints or facial recognition on Android to log in to some supported websites. In the Google help page, Google said that on some Google services, users are allowed to use Android devices to directly unlock without a password. The device is at least Android 7.0 and above and has set a security policy, which is to set the PIN, fingerprint, password or face unlock function.

Password-free login is a feature that Google and Google Chrome have recently promoted. Of course, the main support for password-free login is Google’s own service. When you have used Google Chrome to log in to the web version of Google services, the first time you need to enter the account password and log in again through 2-step verification. If you need to log in again the next time you use it, you can directly call the security policy of the Android system, and then pass the authentication quickly without having to enter the password again.

Google services that currently support passwordless logins include the Google Account Center, as well as verifying identity and viewing saved passwords in the Google Account Center. Google said that the above features will also support more services for users to verify, it is not clear whether the following follow-up Android 7.0 will be supported.

Via: theverge