From Chips to Ecosystems: Intel Unveils its Foundry Vision for 2024 and Beyond

At the “Intel Accelerated: Process and Packaging Innovations” online event in July 2021, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger delivered a speech showcasing a series of foundational technological innovations, propelling Intel towards new product development through 2025 and beyond. A frequently mentioned theme in recent years has been Intel’s “Five Process Nodes in Four Years” plan, now referred to as “5N4Y.” The final process node announced was Intel 18A, expected to commence production in early 2025.

IFS Direct Connect 2024

Intel plans to hold the IFS Direct Connect event on February 21, 2024, where Intel Foundry Services (IFS) will unveil a new process roadmap and share plans following the Intel 18A process. Esteemed guests at this event include Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, General Manager of Intel Foundry Services Stuart Pann, Chief Operating Officer Keyvan Esfarjani, and Dr. Ann Kelleher, General Manager of Technology Development at Intel.

For those interested in the technological advancements following the Intel 18A process, Dr. Ann Kelleher’s presentation will be particularly noteworthy. While Intel’s future semiconductor plans remain somewhat uncertain, they are expected to build upon existing technologies, continuing to innovate and evolve. Intel introduced two groundbreaking technologies in its Intel 18/20A processes, RibbonFET and PowerVia, seen as pivotal for surpassing TSMC by 2025.

RibbonFET represents Intel’s implementation of the Gate All Around transistor and is the company’s first entirely new transistor architecture since the introduction of FinFET in 2011. This technology accelerates transistor switching speeds while achieving the same drive current as multi-fin structures but in a smaller space. PowerVia, unique to Intel and the industry’s first, is a backside power delivery network. It optimizes signal transmission by eliminating the need for power routing on the wafer’s front side.