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Intel Arizona fab

Intel accelerates construction of new Arizona fab

In pursuit of expeditiously actualizing its IDM 2.0 strategy, Intel, in 2021, resolved to substantially bolster its production capabilities. The tech giant earmarked an estimated $20 billion to inaugurate two semiconductor fabrication facilities within...

Intel Ericsson

Intel announced an agreement with Ericsson

Recently, Intel announced a strategic collaboration with Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications equipment provider, aiming to create customized 5G chips using Intel’s cutting-edge 18A process and manufacturing techniques, thus optimizing the next generation of 5G...

Intel 18A

Intel may regain process technology leadership by 2025

At the “Intel Accelerated Innovation: Process and Packaging” online conference last July, Intel demonstrated a series of underlying technology innovations to drive Intel’s new product development through 2025 and beyond. In addition to announcing...