Intel Core i9-14900KS processor pictured

It has been over two months since Intel officially released its 14th generation of Core desktop processors. Based on the release cycle of the previous generation, it seems we are nearing the launch of the ultimate flagship of this series, the Core i9-14900KS.

Recently, a well-known leaker, HXL, unveiled a physical image of the Intel Core i9-14900KS processor. The S-SPEC code on the CPU was obscured in the photo. However, the leaker also noted that the authenticity of this image remains to be verified, and it is uncertain whether this CPU model will be released.

In November last year, we reported that some international online retailers had already listed complete systems equipped with the Core i9-14900KS processor, even though this processor had not yet been officially launched. Intel has been providing information about this processor to PC partners, retailers, and distributors. Although the webpage for these machines offers limited information, it reveals that the Core i9-14900KS’s maximum Turbo frequency reaches 6.2GHz. Considering these factors, the likelihood of Intel launching this final flagship of the 14th generation seems quite substantial.

As the Raptor Lake-S chips have a maximum core count of 8P+16E, the Core i9-14900KS is expected to maintain this core configuration. It is anticipated to have the same 36MB L3 cache as the i9-14900K. In terms of frequency, its maximum Turbo frequency is set to reach 6.2GHz, 200MHz higher than both the i9-14900K and i9-13900KS. The all-core Turbo frequency remains unknown at this time. However, considering that the single-core and all-core Turbo frequencies of the i9-14900K are 200MHz higher than those of the i9-13900K, it’s estimated that the i9-14900KS might also exceed the i9-13900KS by 200MHz, potentially reaching 5.8GHz.

Regarding the TDP, the i9-14900KS is expected to mirror the i9-13900KS at 150W, with a maximum Turbo power of 253W. These figures are, of course, only reference values. Combining our evaluation data of the i9-14900K, it can be inferred that the actual power consumption, when unrestricted, is likely to exceed 350W.

Previously, a user (@ECSM_Official) mentioned that Intel has set the release date for the non-K series processors of its 14th generation for January 8, 2024, at 3 PM Pacific Time (January 9 at 7 AM Beijing Time). More news regarding the Core i9-14900KS may also be announced at that time.