October 24, 2020

Firefox browser will supports generating random passwords

1 min read

Mozilla has been added a random password generator to the Firefox browser like the Google Chrome browser. It is expected that this feature will be officially released this fall. The random password generator is mainly used to improve the privacy of users. In the past few years, there have been many security incidents in the world that have revealed the user’s password. The compromised account and password may be used to cause a bigger problem, and the random password generator can reduce the potential security risk as much as possible.

Users can now use this feature if they use the Firefox browser nightly build version, but the Firefox configuration file needs to be manually modified by default. Specifically, you can type about:config in the Firefox browser address bar and find the signon.generation. Click the toggle button in the following two interfaces to modify it to enable and then restart the browser. You can see the relevant options in the privacy and security settings.

Need to be reminded that users who use this feature are advised to log in to the Firefox account and synchronize the account password data to prevent data loss due to unexpected problems.