Trump said that US technology companies should be allowed to continue to sell parts or related equipment to Huawei

After the US Department of Commerce issued a ban on Huawei, a considerable number of US technology companies have lobbied or legally circumvented. For US technology companies, the loss of Huawei’s orders may not only bring huge losses, but some companies that are highly dependent on Huawei may not function properly. Therefore, within the United States, these technology companies are also using various methods to explain to the US government, trying to reduce the impact of the ban or even completely lift the ban. It seems that the efforts of these technology companies seem to be welcoming because US President Trump publicly stated that American companies should be allowed to continue to sell.

Huawei ban

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As for the reason, Trump said that the products sold by the United States to Huawei itself are very large, and American technology companies cannot be very dissatisfied with Huawei’s products. Therefore, Trump said that these companies should be allowed to continue to sell products to Huawei, but mainly that equipment and services that do not involve major national emergency issues.

It is not clear what effect Trump’s words will have. Perhaps the US Department of Commerce will revise the ban on regulations to relax software and hardware restrictions.

Via: Forbes