Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Huawei’s foldable devices will be pre-installed with the Android operating system

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Huawei has confirmed that the flexible screen folding device developed by the company will be postponed. According to the current plan, this folding device will be launched in September. Pushing forward Samsung’s flexible screen folding equipment has also been postponed, mainly because there are many problems in the product that needs to be returned to the factory for re-improvement. The reason why Huawei’s flexible screen folding device has been delayed in the market and the operating system is also a concern of many users.

Huawei ban
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In an interview with TechRadar, Huawei executives said that the main reason why the company’s flexible screen folding equipment was delayed was not due to the US ban. Rather, the carrier 5G network deployment is too slow, and Huawei hopes to launch this innovative device in all markets that support the 5G network.

Of course, Huawei admits that the company is also doing more tests, but the specific durability improvements are still in secrecy. Huawei believes that Huawei should not have similar problems after Samsung has been used as a vehicle. However, such devices are uniquely constructed and do not know if there are other problems.

We know that due to the US ban, Google has suspended the authorization of Huawei-licensed Android version with Google proprietary services and authentication of Huawei devices. However, this flexible screen device time was rushed before the release of the ban, and Huawei also signed an Android-related agreement with Google. Therefore, even if there is a ban, it will not affect the implementation of the previous agreement. Huawei Mate X will continue to pre-install Google’s Android version 9 and stores.