Elgato Releases Stream Deck +: new live broadcast tool

Elgato, a subsidiary of CORSAIR, announced the launch of Stream Deck +. The Stream Deck series is a well-known product line under Elgato. It is a fast-switching interface and controls peripherals. The buttons on it are actually small screens. It looks very interesting and is deeply loved by live bloggers.

The new Stream Deck + is not only equipped with LCD buttons but also adds many new designs, with infinite knobs and screen touch columns, providing a total of 8 LCD buttons, 4 infinite knobs, and a screen touch column, which introduce more diverse interaction and control methods for users, and make the use faster and smoother. Elgato has a large library of icon groups and background patterns for the touch bar on the screen, and the knobs can be selected with gold or silver keycaps (purchased separately), allowing users to customize their own Stream Deck + to their heart’s content to show their personalized style.
Stream Deck + plugins are available for 100+ apps, including control audio, video, brightness, and other software technologies, they can be applied to workflows such as photo editing, video editing, and graphic design, content creation, podcasting, live production, etc. It simplifies various operations and daily use processes to the greatest extent, thereby improving work efficiency and experience. Stream Deck + can also seamlessly connect with Elgato’s software, including Camera Hub, Control Center and Wave Link, etc. After users unlock related services, they can use a variety of professional audio-visual functions.

CORSAIR said that the Stream Deck + will be available soon, priced at $199.99, and the new product has a two-year warranty.