September 26, 2020

Data shows that Windows 10 April Update market share soared to 90%

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The market share of the Windows 10 April update continues to soar and is about to reach the 90% mark when Microsoft is about to release a new major version update.

The data shows that the adoption rate of the Windows 10 April update has reached its peak, and the new version will not be able to improve as Microsoft releases a new version next month.

Of course, it is important to note that the market share here represents the percentage of a particular version in all versions of Windows 10 rather than the entire operating system.

But the April update is not the highest market share:

Although it seems that over 90% of the market share is very top, before this, the Windows 10 Fall creators update version has reached the target of 92% peak.

The updated version of the fall creators can exceed 90%, mainly due to the delay of the April update, which is released in a few months. In contrast, the April update is released in a few months.

Of course, the data itself does not represent anything. It is well known that the potential problems of each new version of Windows 10 are not as stable as the old version.

There are deviations in the way data is surveyed:

The statistical method adopted by the company is the proportion of the total number of devices in the major versions of the built-in ads in the Windows 10 app store worldwide.

The most standard deviation is that many companies do not allow users to use the app store. This has been configured in Group Policy to prevent all users from accessing it.

And the long-term service branch such as LTSC has no app store directly and therefore cannot be counted. Of course, many users never use the app store application.

Therefore, overall, there is a bias in the accuracy of the market statistics, but the market share of the new version must also increase with time.