Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

CLOUDFLARE announces a domain name registration service, Cloudflare Registrar

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CLOUDFLARE, a US network security, and content distribution network service provider have announced that it has begun to provide domain name registration services and only includes registration at cost.

CLOUDFLARE promises that the domain name provided by the company will be permanently registered at the cost price, which can save the registration fee for website developers and enthusiasts.

The most important part of the domain name registration price is the domain name registry, which is the company that applies for the suffix to the Internet name and address allocation agency.

Next, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Addresses will charge a lower fee for each domain name. Finally, the domain name registrar will charge a small portion of the registration fee.

CLOUDFLARE cuts off its registrar fees:

The company’s regular cost price provides domain name registration services for all users, mainly to cut off the fees charged by CLOUDFLARE itself as a registrar.

That is, the fee paid by the user is only the domain name fee charged by the domain name registry and the fixed price charged by the Internet name and address allocation agency ICANN.

CLOUDFLARE’s approach is equivalent to doing charity to build a system to help users register, so it is a good thing for users.


Support registration and transfer to the domain name:

Interested readers and webmasters can click here to sign up for an account.

Why does CLOUDFLARE do this:

The company’s primary business is to provide network security and content distribution networks.

CLOUDFLARE provides essential anti-attack services for individuals and free users, and the primary income is based on the company’s purchase of an advanced version of network security protection.

For CLOUDFLARE, although there is no domain name registrar fee, it can attract more users to transfer the domain name to the company to use its services.

In the end, these users will need to have advanced security protection, that is, they need to pay, of course, CLOUDFLARE itself is also committed to Internet security.

Aside from the strategy of attracting users, CLOUDFLARE provides developers with content distribution acceleration and digital certificates to improve the security of user access.

At the same time, the joint public DNS server jointly launched with the Wise Foundation and the Asia Pacific Internet Information Center has also been used to improve security.

Therefore, here should not merely attract users to view CLOUDFLARE from the perspective of marketing. Interested users can go to the registration and try to enter.