Nokia allows unlock the bootloader of some products

Nokia allows unlock the bootloader of some products

Now the Nokia brand run by HMD has been recognized by more and more users, and HMD itself is a conscience, so it has gained a very good reputation.

So many previous Nokia low-end devices released by HMD can get the latest version of Android, which is in stark contrast to many manufacturers abandoning users.

For Nokia users, there is still a better news. HMD has started to support some devices to unlock the boot program so that users can freely brush.

Therefore, those who like to tossing and interested in brushing machines can enjoy playing, but only need to pay attention to the user who loses the warranty if they apply for unlocking the guide.

Basically, each manufacturer will add a license-free clause to the unlocking guide, as unlocking the boot and brushing the machine may cause damage to the device.

Of course, at this stage, only some Nokia devices can apply for unlocking the boot program. For the time being, HMD has not announced the complete list of support and unlocking.

In the specific operation, the user needs to download Nokia’s special boot unlocking program, and then enter the code to completely verify the user equipment before unlocking.

Finally, by the way, Nokia 7 P has started to push the official firmware version of Android 9.0 Pie. It has to be said that the HMD adaptation speed is still very fast.