Dark network host Daniel’s Hosting is hacked, the root account is deleted

Daniel’s Hosting hangs an announcement on the homepage of the website this week. Due to hacking, more than 6,500 sites hosted on the server have been deleted, and even the “root” account has been removed.

According to the announcement, the attack occurred on Thursday evening, November 15th. The hacker first used the correct phpmyadmin and administrator passwords to log in to the server host and delete all accounts. Then, in the early morning of the next day, delete all chat records, link lists and click counters. Database. Unfortunately, due to the daily operation of hackers, the logs have been rewritten many times, making it difficult to confirm which vulnerabilities and means they are using. Moreover, due to the particularity of the hosting service, the website data is not backed up, so this part of the data cannot be recovered.

After the incident, Daniel Winzen, the developer behind Daniel’s Hosting, has opened up some code through GitHub to seek more people’s review help. Daniel said that the managed service would be restored after the vulnerability is found and processed.