Comodo forum was leaked 245,000 users’ data

Recently, the well-known security software developer Comodo’s user feedback forum was hacked, and the total user data of about 245,000 forum users leaked. Recently, an anonymous hacker directly announced the high-risk vulnerabilities of the well-known Internet software vBulletin. With this vulnerability, hackers can directly control the corresponding websites. This high-risk vulnerability was subsequently noticed and fixed by the software developer, and the developer released a security update to fix this flaw.

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On the fourth day after the announcement of the vulnerability, the official forum of Comodo was hacked, and its technicians did not install the update in time to fix the bug. The attacker directly downloaded and transferred the database of the Comodo Forum. Although Comodo discovered that it was compromised, however, the data had been stolen.

According to official Comodo news, the forum has been suspended, and all information provided by users registered before has been stolen by anonymous attackers. This includes user-provided usernames, emails, encrypted passwords, and access to the forum’s IP. It is worth noting that although Comodo has already encrypted the user passwords of the forums, it is inevitable that the passwords will be cracked and the plaintext passwords of these users will be revealed. Therefore, Comodo reminds users that if the password is the same as other websites, they should change it as soon as possible, so that hackers can use other methods to log in to other websites to steal information.