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LinkedIn leak user data

LinkedIn leaked 500 million user data

Microsoft’s workplace social networking site LinkedIn is suspected of a data breach, and the data of up to 500 million registered users of LinkedIn has been publicly leaked. Related databases are currently being sold...

USPS Site Exposed Data

A cosmetics company leaked 440 million records

Estée Lauder, a cosmetics company’s database was exposed and a data leak occurred. Nearly 440 million records in this company’s database were exposed, including a large number of logs and email addresses. On January...

Dutch police decrypted IronChat

Comodo forum was leaked 245,000 users’ data

Recently, the well-known security software developer Comodo’s user feedback forum was hacked, and the total user data of about 245,000 forum users leaked. Recently, an anonymous hacker directly announced the high-risk vulnerabilities of the...