Be quiet! launched the System Power 10/10U series of power supplies

Be quiet! announced the launch of the System Power 10/10U series of power supplies. Be quiet! said that the new products are mainly aimed at users who pay attention to cost performance, providing high-performance, high-reliability, and low-noise power supplies, suitable for building cost-effective and reliable systems.

Image: Be quiet!

The System Power 10 series power supplies are available in 450W to 850W models with operating voltages from 200V to 240V for use in Europe. In other regions, 550W to 850W models will be available, operating from 100V to 240V, called the System Power 10U series. The models rated at 850W are 80 PLUS Gold certified, and the rest are 80 PLUS Bronze certified.

System Power 10/10U series power supplies provide comprehensive protection, including OCP / OVP / OPP / SCP / UVP / OTP; configured with up to four 6+2Pin external power supply interfaces; equipped with a temperature-controlled 120mm fan, which can achieve the best balance between heat dissipation and quietness; all use flat black power supplies to simplify installation, increase airflow, improve heat dissipation, and make the internal structure look more beautiful.

The prices of System Power 10 450W / 550W / 650W / 750W / 850W are 49.90 euros, 59.90 euros, 69.90 euros, 79.90 euros and 107.90 euros. The System Power 10U 550W / 650W / 750W / 850W are priced at $55.90, $64.90, $74.90 and $109.90. All have already begun to ship.