Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

AV-TEST: Google Play Protect is basically useless

2 min read

AV-TEST, a world-renowned anti-virus software testing organisation, has released a new version of the test report. The current test report also includes mobile anti-virus programs.

To achieve the best test results, AV-TEST selects thousands of the best active malicious samples, different anti-virus software for different samples to kill results. But even if it is different, it can intercept most malicious samples. What makes people stunned is that the AV-TEST test shows that Google’s killing ability is the worst.

The Google Play Protect program is currently installed on more than 2 billion devices, relying on machine learning in Google Cloud to provide security protection. In the past few years, Google has repeatedly claimed that the protection program can provide users with protection, such as the daily automatic scanning application operation behaviour. If the scan detects anomalies or Google detects specific abnormalities in the cloud, the fender automatically uninstalls the programs on the user’s device.

According to AV-TEST, the Google Play Protect program has zero protection, that is, most malicious samples are not detected. This situation can not help people doubt the working mode of the protection program, that is, this protection program may belong to the cloud-triggered passive protection detection.

If an engineer pulls specific applications black into the cloud, the protection program can be automatically uninstalled, and the cloud can’t handle it if it is not detected. The test results for AV-TEST are currently not responded to by Google. If Google responds to this matter, we will update this article to update the latest news.