October 24, 2020

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Build 17744 for Fast ring

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Microsoft is currently releasing new betas for fast-track users participating in the Windows 10 preview program to fix multiple known bugs.

According to the plan, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10 Version 1809 in early October, so the main tasks are to fix various problems.

Windows 10 Build 17738

The issues that have been fixed in this update are as follows:

1. Solve the problem of timeline function errors encountered by more users. This problem is caused by a crash when the system sends the timeline activity.

2. Solve the problem of the competition condition in the previous version, this problem will cause the Microsoft Cortana search box to crash when the network search occurs.

3. This update has solved the problem of some users crashing when trying to use the sharing function and solving the problem of offset in the EDGE browser window.

4. Resolve an EDGE browser using a right-click to check for spelling errors, the spell check menu is offset and causes the expected display to remain in error.

5. Solving the Narrator Application When switching between a Braille display and a Narrator app, there may be a problem that control information remains on the screen.

6. Solve some users can not view the recently edited Word online documents after opening the Word document after enabling Windows 10 S restriction mode.