Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

ArchLabs Linux 2020.05.04 releases, Arch Linux based distro

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ArchLabs Linux is a simple lightweight rolling releaseLinux distribution based on a minimal Arch Linux operating system with the Openboxwindow manager.

The Openbox ArchLabs Linux Distro inspired by BunsenLabs and powered by Arch Linux.

Inspired by Bunsenlabs, original ArchLabs members Matthew Dobson and Brett Stevens began to put together the foundations of ArchLabs in early January 2017 as an Arch Linux based alternative the the Debian based BunsenLabs. The first release was 24th January 2017. 

By Dobbie03 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Highlights of ArchLabs:

  • Minimal desktop environment
  • Easy installation using ABIF
  • Based on Arch Linux.
  • Only a few basic apps pre-installed.
  • Minimal themes
  • Welcome Script to ease installing additional applications Window and Desktop Managers
  • Available WM/DM’s include Openbox, XFCE4, i3, Bspwm, and Awesome
  • Freely switch between panels and docks with ease
  • Return of favourites Conky & Tint2
  • ArchLabs Dark Openbox & GTK3/2 theme is set as the default theme
  • The custom ArchLabs Iconset is the default icon theme
  • ArchLabs Applications and scripts are included
  • Default Applications: Thunar, Termite, Geany, Firefox, Audacious, MPV, Skippy-XD for window management
  • Keyboard driven

ArchLabs Linux 2020.05.04 releases.


  • ArchLabs release, 2020.05.04 is available for download.
  • archlabs-installer has had some updates and improvements. Now at version 2.1.45.
    • The installer now optionally uses Pacstrap to install packages.
    • The installer is more portable than ever.
    • General bug fixes.
  • Packages Updates.
  • The Rofi script has had a slight update.
  • Updates to baph our AUR helper. man baph for details on how to use baph.
  • Adwaita-Dark is now the default GTK theme where applicable.
  • LXQT added to the list of install options.
  • May the Fourth Be With You.