NetMarketShare April Data: Windows OS decrease, Edge was firmly in second place

Research agency NetMarketShare released the latest data for April 2020, including the market share of various operating systems and browsers.

Windows’ market share declined in April. Among them, the market share of Windows 10 dropped the most, from 57.34% in March to 56.08%, a decrease of more than 1%. Since Windows 7 retired in January this year, Windows 10’s market share has remained above 57%.

Windows 7, which increased its market share by 1% last month, has also declined, from 26.23% to 25.59%. Windows 8.1, whose market share has increased month by month since December last year. The market share in April was 3.28%, which was less than the level of December last year (3.31%).

In terms of browsers, after undergoing historic changes in the previous month, market share stabilized in April with little change.

The market share of the Microsoft Edge browser (7.59%) overtook Firefox (7.19%) for the first time in March. Both data rose in April. Edge still has a 7.76% market share higher than Firefox’s 7.25%, while slightly widening the gap between the two (0.4% → 0.51%). Based on this trend, Edge will continue to sit firmly in the browser’s second position.

After a few months of small growth, Chrome ’s market share in April reached its highest value in a year, 69.18%, and is still the browser with the largest monthly increase. Internet Explorer, which ranks fourth, is still plunging, and its market share has dropped from 5.87% to 5.45%.