Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

Makulu Linux 2019.08.03 releases: Debian-based desktop distribution

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Makulu ( Pronounced: Ma-Coo-Loo ) is an African Zulu word for “Figure of Authority”. Like Big Chief, Big Momma, Big Daddy…

Makulu Develops Linux distributions and Tools with unconventional and outside of the box thinking. Our Team is small but dedicated to producing excellence above all else. We firmly believe that Linux should not only be stable but should also reflect the times in terms of ease of use and beauty, Thus you will find that Makulu Distro builds are always stunning out of the box and also feature-packed.

Makulu Linux

Unlike many other Distro developers out there, We don’t simply download a Ubuntu, mint or Debian iso and slap some themes on and out comes a release. We have our own Base that we spent nearly 2 years developing

We hope your time with Makulu is an enjoyable one, and please remember that should you need assistance, guidance or want to provide feedback, you can do so Via the Forums or even pop into our live Chat room. We always like hearing from users.


  • Hybrid Based Release
  • LinDoz, Shift, Flash & LeThe Editions
  • Steam Pre Installed
  • Wine Pre Installed
  • Unique Look and Feel
  • Extremely Fast and Stable
  • Lots of Preloaded Themes, software, and games.
  • Very flexible on theming
  • Social Integration

Makulu Linux 2019.08.03 releases.


  • Base : Makulu 15 Series Debian Base.
  • Rolling Release Support : Yes
  • Desktop Environment : Core Forked from Xfce.
  • Kernel : 4.19.xx.
  • Architecture : 64Bit.
  • Current Build Date : 2019-01-25.
  • Hot corner Support : Yes.
  • Menu Selection : Dual Menu, Hot Corner Triggered.
  • Dock : Dual dock Based.
  • Gestures : Mouse Driven Gesture System.
  • 3D Support : Built in Compiz & Emerald System.
  • Driver Support : Huge Driver support out of the box.
  • Ram Requirements : Recommended 1GB or more.
  • Space Requirements : Recommended 10Gb storage
  • Easter Eggs : Leave your pc idle for about 10 minutes and find out…