Makulu Linux 2021-03-05 “LinDoz” releases: Debian-based desktop distribution

Makulu ( Pronounced: Ma-Coo-Loo ) is an African Zulu word for “Figure of Authority”. Like Big Chief, Big Momma, Big Daddy…

Makulu Develops Linux distributions and Tools with unconventional and outside of the box thinking. Our Team is small but dedicated to producing excellence above all else. We firmly believe that Linux should not only be stable but should also reflect the times in terms of ease of use and beauty, Thus you will find that Makulu Distro builds are always stunning out of the box and also feature-packed.

Makulu Linux

Unlike many other Distro developers out there, We don’t simply download a Ubuntu, mint or Debian iso and slap some themes on and out comes a release. We have our own Base that we spent nearly 2 years developing

We hope your time with Makulu is an enjoyable one, and please remember that should you need assistance, guidance or want to provide feedback, you can do so Via the Forums or even pop into our live Chat room. We always like hearing from users.


  • Hybrid Based Release
  • LinDoz, Shift, Flash & LeThe Editions
  • Steam Pre Installed
  • Wine Pre Installed
  • Unique Look and Feel
  • Extremely Fast and Stable
  • Lots of Preloaded Themes, software, and games.
  • Very flexible on theming
  • Social Integration

Makulu Linux 2021-03-05 “LinDoz” releases.


  • Introduction video that guides the user around the desktop to give an easy and comfortable user experience.
  • More streamlined Theming, Lindoz now Offers 12 Theme variants : The themes have been designed with great fineness to give a much more beautifully designed look, while making the Desktop Environment feel comfortable for Both ex Windows users and Linux users.
  • An all new Desktop Clock with some nice features that is easily controlled by a custom GUI we designed to make for a pleasant experience.
  • “Gaming out of the box” – Both Steam and Geforce Now is pre installed and pre configured in the complete Build of Lindoz, Allowing users to simply log in and play their favorite titles. Geforce Now is an especially great addition. Where Steam still requires a user to have the hardware and driver capability to run their games, Geforce now requires only a good internet connection, the rest is handled by a shadow pc, this allows even people with older computers to run new games titles at high and ultra settings.
  • Makulu Portal quickly and easily guides users to seek assistance or connect to staff or other end users without much effort.
  • Makulu Constructor Tool, an easy to user GUI based Distro builder that can be used to remaster an existing MakuluLinux Distro. Simply make the changes to the Distro as you see fit and run constructor, which will turn your existing distro into an installable ISO.
  • Subtle changes around the OS designed to make the user experience more pleasant and comfortable, Things like the Comfortable main menu, Workspace switcher in the bottom panel or the overlay menu in the top left corner comes to mind.
  • Built on the latest Cinnamon 4.8.x framework, Lindoz also comes with all the nice features that the cinnamon framework offers.
  • Warpinator for computer sharing is supported out of the box, its never been easier to connect to another computer.
  • Steam, WPS Office and Wine preinstalled really makes for a complete user experience right out of the box.
  • An introduction Manager that runs on first boot will quickly assist you to setup your desktop with ease.
  • FlatHub and Snaps supported out of the box.