KaOS 2019.09 released, Linux distributions


KaOS is a desktop Linux distribution, featuring the latest version of the KDE desktop environment and other popular software programs that use the Qt toolkit. It was originally based on Arch Linux, but since April 2013, developers started creating their own packages, which are now available from Kaos’s own depot. KaOS uses a roll publishing development model and is only for 64-bit computer systems.

KaOS has made the choice to use the Linux kernel as a base (though the Illumos kernel is under constant evaluation, and a future switch is a wish). After that choice, the best available package manager, most flexible way of package building, repository maintenance is pacman/makepkg for a rolling distro like KaOS. As for the Desktop Environment, there will never be a change, whether it is Linux or Illumos based, KDE Plasma will be the choice, Qt the Toolkit. With those choices in place, April 2013 package building for this independent distribution was started. KaOS is a build from scratch distribution, every package in every repository is build by and for KaOS. By July 2013 the initial goal of about 1500 packages was reached.


KaOS 2019.09 released.


  • this includes Frameworks 5.61.0, Plasma 5.16.5 and KDE Applications 19.08.1. All built on Qt 5.13.1.
  • For the installer Calamares, two major CVE’s were addressed among the many changes for 3.2.13. CVE-2019-13178 and CVE-2019-13179
  • Since LibreOffice 6.2, it is now possible to supply this as a pure Qt5/kf5 application. LibreOffice has thus replaced Calligra as the default Office Application for KaOS.
  • Most notable major updates to the base of the system are Go 1.13, Libevent 2.1.11, Python3 3.7.4, Linux 5.2.13, Kbd 2.2.0, Git 2.23.0, added Ldns for an extra Openssh option, Nettle 3.5.1, NetworkManager 1.20.0, Poppler 0.80.0, Nano 4.4, GStreamer 1.16.0, and Qt 5.13.1