September 27, 2020

Apple plans to release a cross-platform universal program for iPhone/iPad/Mac

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Bloomberg released a new report saying that Apple plans to release cross-platform generic applications, code-named “Marzipan“, for the iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms by 2021. Apple’s ultimate goal is to help developers create applications and make them easy to use on various platforms to stimulate application development and reduce costs. It is said that Apple will release a new development kit at the upcoming developer conference.

A12 Bionic

For developers, only need to adapt to different screens size, which can greatly reduce the time and labor costs of developers. By next year, Apple will also open the adaptation and migration of iPhone applications to the Mac platform, and the number of applications on the Mac platform will also erupt. At the same time, when developers submit applications, they also need to submit to AppStore and MacAppStore respectively, and users can download and use them on different platforms.

Earlier in the year before, there was news that Apple might develop a common platform similar to UWP, but there is no accurate news to prove this. At the same time, Apple has also begun to develop its own Mac chip, when Apple’s hardware devices will use their own chips to improve overall compatibility. By the time, the general program development of iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be more convenient, and users can get the same experience on different platforms when they use it every day.