McAfee found a new Anatova Ransomware that targets gamers

Anatova Ransomware

Recently, McAfee Labs discovered new ransomware that targets gamers. It is Anatova ransomware that hides in seemingly harmless icon files. Typically, it disguises itself as a popular game or application to trick users into downloading malware. Once run, it automatically requests administrator privileges to quickly encrypt the victim’s files and then request a ransom.

Currently, malicious attackers have chosen DASH – currently valued at around $700 USD. Analysts said they have detected over 100 that was infected by Anatova ransomware in the United States, and there are also many victims in Belgium, Germany, and France.

Although DASH is not as famous as Bitcoin or Monero, this ransomware is not the first to use DASH as ransom method. As early as the beginning of 2018, there was a ransomware family called GandCrab, which was the first to request a ransom through DASH.