Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Amazon announces withdrawal from MWC 2020

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Mobile World Congress is an annual communications industry exhibition held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In the past years, more than 3,000 companies usually participated in this exhibition.

However, the current pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is more serious, and some technology giants have withdrawn from the show based on public health and employee health issues.

Now the e-commerce giant Amazon also announced that it will temporarily withdraw from the show. It is expected that more technology giants will suspend their participation in the show for similar reasons.

“Mobile World Congress – Barcelona” by Allmyapps is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

Earlier, we have reported that Nvidia, LG, and Ericsson withdraw from MWC.

Of course, there are also many media who are concerned about whether the exhibition will be held as scheduled. The conference organizer GSMA has just issued an announcement saying that there are still 2,800 companies participating.

At the same time, the exhibition will not be canceled as scheduled. As for the public health and the health of the exhibitors, the organizers of the conference have not yet revealed their response plans.

Via: TechCrunch