Freespire 4.8 Released: Linux distribution


Freespire is a 64 bit freely available and OPEN Linux based OS, that is geared towards open source users and developers who want a quality free open OS. It has all the applications users will need for consumption of media and developer tools for those that want to tinker with the system and deploy their own custom software and kernels. With FreespireOS you can host the entire line of legacy applications that may still be in use in your environment as well as facilities for deploying web apps.


Freespire Desktop Features 
What does this system include? It contains a highly advanced desktop that is comfortable for users who want to be highly productive, easy to use and it requires very little retraining. It also includes a whole host of applications and features that are geared towards the community user.
  • Community Support
  • Abiword
  • Gnumeric
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Geary
  • Audacious
  • Parole
  • Pinta
  • Font Manager
  • NitroShare
  • Synergy

Changelog v4.8

  • KDE Plasma 5.12.7
    KDE Frameworks version 5.44.0
    QT version 5.9.5
    Kernel 4.18.0-18
    Chromium Web Browser
    Ice SSB
    VLC Player
    Calligra Office Suite
    Dream Chess
    Discover Software Center
    Synaptic Package Manager