September 20, 2020

AMD releases Radeon Pro W5500/W5500M GPU

1 min read

AMD officially released the new graphics workstation professional graphics card Radeon Pro W5500, as well as the mobile version of Radeon Pro W5500M. Both are based on the 7nm process, RDNA architecture, Navi 14 core, both support PCIe 4.0, 22 computing units, 1408 stream processors, 128-bit GDDR6 memory, equivalent frequency 14GHz, and bandwidth 224GB/s.

Compute Units TFLOPS (FP32) Maximum Power Consumption GDDR6 Memory Bandwidth Memory Interface Display Output (DisplayPort 1.4)
AMD Radeon Pro W5500 22 Up to 5.35 125W 8GB Up to 224 GB/s 128-bit 4 (drives four 4K displays or one 8K display at 60Hz)
AMD Radeon Pro W5500M 22 Up to 4.79 85W 4GB Up to 224 GB/s 128-bit 4

The Radeon Pro W5500 is priced at $399 and will be available from mid-February. The Radeon Pro W5500M for mobile workstation will be available this spring.