Alamofire 5.0.0-beta.5 releases: Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift


Alamofire is a full-featured HTTP web development toolkit written in Swift language that supports various HTTP Method, JSON, file upload, file download, and multiple authentication methods.



  •  Chainable Request / Response Methods
  •  URL / JSON / plist Parameter Encoding
  •  Upload File / Data / Stream / MultipartFormData
  •  Download File using Request or Resume Data
  •  Authentication with URLCredential
  •  HTTP Response Validation
  •  Upload and Download Progress Closures with Progress
  •  cURL Command Output
  •  Dynamically Adapt and Retry Requests
  •  TLS Certificate and Public Key Pinning
  •  Network Reachability
  •  Comprehensive Unit and Integration Test Coverage
  •  Complete Documentation

Alamofire 5.0.0-beta.5 is released.



  • Request.didResumeTaskNotificationRequest.didSuspendTaskNotificationRequest.didCancelTaskNotification, and Request.didCompleteTaskNotification notifications.
  • Separate URLSessionTask lifetime events to EventMonitor.


  • SessionStateProvider to no longer be public and renamed the file it lives in.
  • MultipartUpload to no longer be public.
  • RequestDataRequestUploadRequest, and DownloadRequest to longer be open, as Alamofire does not support subclassing these types.
  • Names of the notifications posted by Request to include Notification.
  • httpHeaders extensions on URLRequestHTTPURLResponse, and URLSessionConfiguration to be headersinstead.


  • Issue in Request where calling cancel() inside a response serializer would result in the serializer running again.
  • Issue in Session where the delegate precondition would be triggered when running with a swizzled URLSessionDelegate.
  • Compiler error in the example app.
  • Issues Request where certain lifetime events could be triggered more than once by repeatedly calling resume()suspend(), or cancel().
  • Framework version string to be compatible with TestFlight and AppStore releases.