YouTube starts testing artificial intelligence to automatically add text descriptions to videos

Currently, YouTube has embarked on the experimental phase of employing artificial intelligence to generate concise video summaries via automated text creation, thereby facilitating an easier comprehension of the video’s primary content through its textual description, thereby bolstering viewer engagement.

In its existing setup, YouTube already employs auto-play previews or extracts pivotal fragments from the video to pique the curiosity of its viewers. The current test function, however, aims to utilize AI-generated textual descriptions, thereby allowing viewers to gain a ‘preview’ through the textual content.

Albeit, Google does not assure the absolute correctness of the AI-generated text descriptions, thereby allowing for possible discrepancies in the text description. Simultaneously, the feature is exclusively available for a select range of English-annotated videos, although a future expansion to encompass a broader linguistic spectrum is likely.

For the multitude of videos uploaded devoid of any additional textual descriptions, this feature should contribute towards a more holistic presentation of video content and expedite the viewer’s understanding of the video.