X unveils an unblockable and unreportable ad format

Previously known as Twitter, ‘X’ recently seems to have discreetly embedded advertisements within its mobile interface. These adverts, which are seamlessly blended in, resemble posts by specific users, and there is no option to close or report them.

These advertisements represent ‘X’s innovative approach to revenue generation. By styling these ads to mirror recommended posts, they captivate users’ attention. If clicked, these links divert to other websites, encouraging effective ad engagement.

Moreover, users are unable to manually close or report these ads. This implies that such ads are mandatorily presented to the users, bolstering ‘X’s effective ad revenue strategies.

Although ‘X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, has mentioned that advertisers are progressively returning to the ‘X’ platform, advertising budgets are undeniably more constrained than before. Consequently, ‘X’ is fervently exploring various methods to enhance ad revenues. This includes incentivizing creators by offering a share of the advertisement profits derived from their personal traffic, thereby creating ample monetization opportunities.