Intel revealed that Microsoft will launch the Windows 12 operating system

At a recent analyst meeting hosted by Citibank, Intel’s Chief Financial Officer, Dave Zinsner, disclosed that Microsoft’s upcoming operating system will bear the moniker ‘Windows 12’. He further elucidated that a larger populace would be inclined to upgrade to its processor products due to the advanced functionalities of this new operating system.

Prior to this revelation, Intel had hinted at its inaugural inclusion of a VPU accelerator in its processors, aimed at bolstering AI computational performance in laptops. Concurrently, there’s the 14th generation Core processor, codenamed ‘Meteor Lake’, which promises to incorporate myriad AI computational capabilities. This innovation is anticipated to dovetail exquisitely with the AI computational services that Microsoft plans to equip Windows 12 with.

While Microsoft has yet to unveil the official name and launch timeline of its next Windows iteration, several indicators suggest it will indeed be titled ‘Windows 12’. Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s Chief of Consumer Marketing, in a recent interview, divulged that this upcoming version will feature an extensive integration of AI user experiences.

Given Microsoft’s profound collaboration with OpenAI and the integration of the Copilot application service in Windows 11—coupled with the recent introduction of the NPU computational component in the Surface Laptop Studio 2, which enhances AI-driven noise cancellation capabilities—it’s evident that Microsoft envisions embedding greater AI computational prospects in future PC application modes.

Besides Intel accentuating AI computational functionalities in its processors, AMD has adopted a similar product design strategy. Other industry frontrunners, including Qualcomm and MediaTek, had already pioneered the inclusion of AI application functionalities in their processors, thereby crafting distinctive computational experiences.

Given that Intel plans to officially launch its 14th generation Core processor, the ‘Meteor Lake’, on December 14th of this year, might Microsoft similarly announce details of its forthcoming operating system around the same juncture?