Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

WireGuard is on Debian’ kernel

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WireGuard is a VPN kernel implementation with few lines of code, prioritizing performance, and simple configuration. It tries to provide high performance while achieving a simple configuration. WireGuard is based on UDP. Data packets are encrypted at one end, encapsulated in a UDP packet, sent to a remote endpoint, and then decrypted.

WireGuard is one of the important new features of Linux Kernel 5.6. After years of development, it is now available as a module outside the kernel code tree (DKMS). Linux Kernel 5.6 has also been merged into the kernel mainline. Such as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS releases class also has the reverse migration WireGuard to its core.

WireGuard Linux kernel

Now Debian has enabled WireGuard in the kernel build under test, and it is in Kconfig in Debian’s Linux kernel tree. Given the success of WireGuard, it is highly likely that Debian will deeply customize it. This is great news for Debian 11 who wants to continue using WireGuard.

For users of existing Debian stable versions with older kernel versions, as well as other distributions/operating systems, see the WireGuard installation page for setup details.