GitHub mistakenly seals Microsoft engineer account and code storehouse on grounds of trade sanctions

It is well known that GitHub, a code hosting platform, has been wholly-owned by Microsoft. The platform is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft but still maintains independent operation.

The platform previously blocked developer accounts in some countries, including Iran, because the United States banned companies in that country from having any contact with the sanctioned countries.

However, the platform also appeared to have some unexpected things during the review, such as blocking the developer account and code base of the parent company Microsoft.

On Twitter, Microsoft development engineer Eisenberg posted that his account had been suddenly banned, and then received a ban from the GitHub system in his mailbox.

In the blockade notice, the platform stated that Eisenberg is subject to trade sanctions under relevant US laws, so the platform can no longer provide any services for it.

While banned, GitHub did not provide users with the opportunity to back it up. Once the banned account was unable to log in to the code warehouse and view it again.

If developers put their development materials and documents on the platform and are banned, all materials may be locked and can no longer be backed up.

After receiving the news, several GitHub executives tweeted to apologize to Eisenberg, and his account was successfully unblocked for several hours after being banned.