Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Microsoft Teams has grown by 12 million new users in the past week

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On the third anniversary of the official launch of Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft Teams development team announced a series of features that will be updated in the coming months, including real-time noise reduction, real-time background blur and more.

Not only that, but Microsoft also announced that the current total number of users of Microsoft Teams has reached 44 million, of which 20 enterprise customers have a total of 100,000 employees in use.

Microsoft Teams for Linux

This number (44 million) is much higher than the 32 million users announced last week, which means that Microsoft Teams has increased a total of 12 million new users in the past week. According to speculation, such a large-scale user growth is estimated to be due recently, companies have also begun to work remotely on a large scale and Microsoft Teams is the best choice.

However, Microsoft did not disclose how many of the 44 million users of Microsoft Teams are paid users. After all, there are two versions of Microsoft Teams, one is paid and the other is free. Of course, even if a large number of these 44 million users are free users, But at least they have already used this app, so many of them will continue to use this app after the coronavirus epidemic is over, and it is profitable for the Microsoft.