Windows Core OS mentions the optimization of the Chromium browser

Windows Core OS is the core operating system currently being developed by Microsoft. This operating system will be used as the basis for the Windows 10 and 10X versions.

Of course, this operating system is different from the Windows 10 version we use in some aspects. For example, it uses containers to run desktop software for security reasons.

The advantage of running desktop software through containers is to isolate operations between software, so even if the software has malicious behavior, it will not affect the security of the host machine.

Microsoft Edge

Recently, in the Chromium browser project, Microsoft engineers submitted a new changelog. According to the log, the WCOS system container name is limited to 50 characters.

On Windows Core OS systems, the character limit for the app container name is 50 characters. Chromium currently supplies app container names > 50 characters. This change shortens the sandbox process names,” the commit reads.

The shortened containerized version of the Chromium browser can be run on WCOS, which should be a required change for the Windows 10X version.

Of course, this change does not make much sense for ordinary users. This may just indicate that Microsoft is currently developing Windows 10X.

Via: windowslatest