Some users are forced to turn on tablet mode after installing Windows 10’s June 2020 cumulative update

Tablet mode is a mode that Microsoft will optimize for touch screen devices. Its feature is that the spacing between icons is wider and it is suitable for users to click with their fingers without accidental touch.

Of course, for traditional devices, the tablet mode is not suitable for daily use. The UI experience under this tablet and touch screen is relatively poor on the PC.

Unfortunately, some users are forced to turn on the tablet mode after installing Windows 10’s June 2020 cumulative update for version 1909/2004, and even after turning off the tablet mode, it will affect the use.

More importantly, after turning on the tablet mode, it may sometimes affect the operation of the mouse and keyboard, which may be a huge disaster for office users.

In the feedback community, users have provided potential solutions that may fix the problem. Users who encounter this problem can try to solve it.

  1. Open Windows Search (Win+S).
  2. Type ‘Tablet settings”.
  3. In Tablet Settings, click on “Change additional tablet settings”.
  4. Under “When I’m not using tablet mode”, turn off all options.
  5. Close all contents under this option to make the taskbar easier to touch, etc. After closing, open the task manager to restart the file explorer or restart the system.

In fact, this method does not solve the problem of being forced to turn on the tablet mode but turns off the optimization of the touch screen in the tablet mode to allow the user to resume use.

As for when to completely solve the problem, we still have to wait for Microsoft. After all, Microsoft has not confirmed this problem until now, and it is estimated that it will have to be fixed next month.

Via: windowslatest