Windows 10X will run Win32 apps through containers

After Microsoft released the Windows 10X emulator and virtual machine images to developers, more information about this version is gradually being discovered and revealed.

For many ordinary users who like this version, these messages may not be good news, because, in fact, this version has a lot of functional limitations.

It is possible to install and use traditional desktop software in Windows 10X, although Microsoft recommends to all users to install software from the Microsoft Store whenever possible.

Due to architectural differences, traditional desktop software will run in containers in this version. Such containers are also considered virtualized containers but will not erase user data.

The significant disadvantage brought by the containerized operation is that the supported functions are very limited. This is mainly because Microsoft has very few permissions for containers based on security considerations.

Obviously based on privacy and security considerations, it is impossible for Microsoft to directly allow all software to access the camera, and how to handle permissions is not yet clear what Microsoft does.

Via: bleepingcomputer