Windows 10X will be released in December

Microsoft’s Windows 10X version of the operating system developed for foldable devices will be released in December 2020. Originally, Microsoft developed this dedicated operating system to support dual-screen and foldable devices, but later development difficulties caused Microsoft to abandon the plan.

Now, this operating system is mainly used in low-end notebook computers in education and other fields to compete with the ChromeOS operating system.

The Windows 10X version has been postponed many times due to various problems encountered in the development, but the latest news indicates that the version will be officially released in December.

Windows 10X now appears to be a replica of the Windows RT operating system, because this operating system also does not support Win32 traditional desktop software.

Windows 10X Clipboard

This means that users can only download UWP applications through the app store and use PWA progressive web applications through the browser, and application support will be limited.

In fact, Microsoft originally planned to provide desktop software support through containers, but now this feature set seems to have not been developed and will not be supported.

This may not be a big problem for users in the education field. After all, low-collar students may not need much traditional desktop software in terms of software requirements.

Microsoft is expected to launch new devices with the operating system in the spring of next year, but Microsoft still needs to conduct stability tests before the new devices are launched.

It is not clear whether Microsoft will release Windows 10X for public testing, but given that the system is more restrictive, it is estimated that there are not many users even if it is open for testing.

Via: windowslatest