Microsoft announced the suspension of Windows 10 20H2 RTM version push to collect feedback data

The Windows 10 20H2 RTM version is currently being gradually pushed to users. Currently, the new version has been pushed mainly by some relatively new devices. These devices have better compatibility so they can get the push earlier.

However, Microsoft has decided to gradually suspend the push of new versions in the next few weeks. The interesting thing is that this time it is not a serious problem that caused Microsoft to suspend pushing Windows 10 20H2 RTM.

Previously, various new versions have more or less suspended updates, but usually only when there is a serious problem that affects the user’s use will be suspended.

This time, the Windows 10 20H2 RTM version was suspended not because of problems, but Microsoft felt it necessary to continue to feedback data to troubleshoot critical problems.

Microsoft officially stated that in order to ensure a reliable download and update experience, Microsoft will gradually limit the availability of the new version in the next few weeks, so users may not receive Windows 10 version 2009 Update.

At present, only audio drivers have problems in the list of known problems, and there are no serious problems that affect a large number of users.

So in the final analysis, Microsoft itself is very worried that the new version may have serious problems, so it needs to collect telemetry and feedback data from users who have already upgraded.

Although Microsoft’s worries may not be redundant, if users still want to quickly upgrade to a new version, they can also manually upgrade in other ways.

For example, the upgrade can be completed through the Windows 10 Update Assistant, media creation tool, or directly download the image file. These upgrade methods are not affected by Microsoft.

However, based on stability considerations, we still recommend users to wait for Microsoft, after all, the new version is only a minor update and does not bring too many new features.