Windows 10 Fall Creator Update: will provide finer privacy control

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Windows 10 creator updates should be the majority of user feedback and recommendations, Microsoft has made a lot of privacy policy adjustments, and in the upcoming fall creator update will be further improved and optimized in the Windows Store in the privacy policy refinement to Each application. In addition, Microsoft also tried a variety of ways to deepen the ordinary users of Windows system data collection and privacy policy adjustment aspects of awareness. Enterprise users can also control the data that is shared with Microsoft.

The application must obtain the authorization of the user before accessing the local data. Microsoft has more detailed division and specification of the permissions of each application, such as access to contact or calendar information, access to the device camera or microphone requires user permission. However, these permission applications are limited to the upgrade to the Windows 10 fall creator after the application of the adjustment, the user can set up by the previous installation of the program to adjust the privacy settings.

In the operating system installation process, Microsoft also wants to make it easier for users to understand the Windows 10 system privacy settings. In the installation process will jump out of the Windows 10 system privacy statement, in the Learn More page separated into positioning, voice recognition, diagnosis and advertising and other information, which does not require users to read the full statement.

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