Windows 10 Build 16362 release


The Skip Ahead user of the Windows Insiders project again received the Build 16362 preview update today, but since the development team is currently focusing on the fall creator updates, the version update does not bring too many major updates.


This version update is mainly to optimize the boot experience and adjust, allowing users to restart or update after the use of login information. And this option can be adjusted according to user preferences, you can in the privacy settings page to adjust the login options. Previously, this update also made adjustments to Narrator, the user can choose the channel you want to output.


In addition, this version of the update also brought other fixes and improvements:

Windows Shell improvements:

● Fixed a problem such as minimizing application window in mixed DPI monitor settings

● Fixed an issue where all applications could not download language packs from the Windows Store after changing the system language preferences.

● The Action Center is upgraded and the flag is changed from “a” / “p” to “AM” / “PM” when the adjustment time format is 12 hours.

● Fixed a problem where you can not use the alphabetical jump location in the Start menu

● Fixed a situation where the Action button’s information count was incorrect when the persona button appeared on the taskbar and the toast-only banners was sent

Edge browser improvements

Fixed a problem with trying to use Facebook login to cause multiple applications to crash

● Fixed an issue where you can not paste pictures from the clipboard to website

● Fixed some problems such as uploading

● Fixed some of the site drag and drop the problem

● Fixed a problem with pinning some sites to the Start menu that could cause Edge to crash

● Fixed a problem where the current tab thumbnail is still displayed even if the mouse is not floating on the label

● Fixed a problem that could cause the site tooltip to appear after opening a new link in the background

● Fix some of the sites in the full screen to watch the embedded video, use the Esc button to return to the page may lead to video control is no longer show the problem

Game improvements

Fixed bug where Ghost Recon: Wildlands could not start because the Easy anti-cheat component was not loaded.

● Fixed a problem where Train Simulator 2017 could not be activated from the most recently used application.

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