iTunes 12.7 release

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According to foreign media reports, in this pleasantly surprised day, Apple once again to the user to bring a surprise, it released iTunes 12.7 – a new iTunes application. You can see that the new iTunes will only focus on the media section, including music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks, and the original App Store has been completely canceled.

With the cancellation of the App Store, the iTunes ringtone is also out of this section, Internet radio (Internet Radio) is now integrated into the music section, iTunes U has become a podcast (Podcasts) part. Now, users can only download software and ringtones on iOS devices.


In addition to removing the App Store this big change, the new version of iTunes also added support for iOS 11 device synchronization and attention to friends to listen to music new Apple Music features support.

Now, users can download the new iTunes 12.7 free via the Software Update on the Mac App Store.

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