Microsoft is adding mobile device support for Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard synchronization

Microsoft has been testing cloud clipboards for a long time in Windows 10, and currently supports synchronising the contents of clipboards between different computers on the same account.

However, what is more, needed for users is undoubtedly the cross-platform synchronisation function, that is, the synchronisation of the clipboard content between the computer and the mobile phone or tablet.

Microsoft is currently conducting an A/B comparison test so not all users can use this new feature, and unselected users need to wait for a while.

In the Cloud Clipboard settings of the Windows 10 Version 1903 Insider Preview, you can see the option to download the app after turning on the cross-sync settings. 

Just the cloud clipboard synchronisation that is currently available must download and install the Microsoft SwiftKey app or the Android version of the Microsoft Launcher.

In addition to the above applications, the timeline feature may also support the Cloud Clipboard feature. This unrelated mobile device is therefore just another synchronisation between computers.

For Microsoft, it’s easy to re-develop a standalone version of the clipboard synchronisation application, but Microsoft still promotes its input method and desktop launcher.

For the user, the function of the Microsoft launcher is getting more and more bloated, and it may not be appropriate to consider Microsoft from the perspective of user experience.