Windows 10 Build 16278 release: repair many BUG


Microsoft today for Fast channel users released Windows 10 Build 16278 version update, which is the last two weeks of the third update, Build 16273 released on Wednesday, and Build 16275 released on Friday. In the Build 16275 version, the “Skip Ahead” option is not currently available to skip the rs_release version directly into the Redstone 4 version.





There is no new feature in the release of today’s version, mainly focused on BUG repair and background performance tuning optimization. Windows 10 Build 16278 in the main repair and improvement of the content are as follows:

● Fix the problem that the user may fail in the installation of the auxiliary language for voice reading

Fixed a problem with printing from a 32-bit application using the v3 print driver in a recently released 64-bit system.

● The removal of HDR screenshots in the Xbox app has been removed in this release. We plan to reintroduce this feature in future version updates.

● Fixed an issue where drag-and-drop in the Edge browser could cause an intermittent failure of the site

● Fixed a situation where the Edge browser could crash when fixing some of the sites to the Start menu

● Fixed a situation where thumbnails were also displayed when the mouse was not suspended on the tab

● Fixed a situation where the video playback control bar could not be displayed after a full screen viewing of some embedded video in the Edge browser and then using Esc.

● Fixed an image where Edge browsers could not paste images to

● Fixed a bug where the tool tips of the Emoji panel might be mixed.

● Fixed the problem that the precision trackpad could not support the gesture after awakening.

● Fix the device after the upgrade version of the battery may show “PC can not charge” prompt

● Fixed a bug where fonts may not be available or disappear when using shortcuts in font folders.

● repair the use of Facebook account users landing a variety of applications led to the collapse of the problem.

● Fixed a Delivery Optimization Policy / MDM policy issue for DOMinFileSizeToCache.

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